Saturday, May 5, 2012

My pink dwarf Malaysian mums

.....a visit to my garden today is always a bliss... just took a video for my pink mums and the rest of the troop......voila!

my maroon mums

Thursday, May 3, 2012

In the beginning

it will always come to the point that you will missed something from your childhood. in my case i found myself missing my favorite household chores way back grade school years. I love watering the plants at mom's garden in davao city. she used to assign me in watering her vanda's at 4pm after merienda. i grew up doing that everyday

most recent picture of her garden taken last March 27, 2012

..........then until 1 day i went to manila and been here for quite some time now. i enjoy planting wherever i go. from my boarding house in marikina to my own townhouse in  laguna.

mama's vanda are still alive after 6 years that I haven't visited them that's how this garden started. hmmmm! let's start with the landscape, gathering some soil, ( 1-2 trucks from the neighborhood, hehe), then some rocks, arrange yourselves into three......

 gathering the soil pot by pot

....litlle by little, day by day......just watch and you will see...hmmmm ...this garden made me excited to go home everyday.....

Little potted garden

Art is a broad subject. It's synonymous to water. You can't enclosed it to a container or to one definition. You can apply it to almost anything like gardening.

I personally loves flowers and I'm amazed with bonsai art.
 I often see trees being trained as bonsai. 

Bonsai is a Japanese art for using miniature trees grown in containers. In my case, I would love to train flowers instead for my small space at home. What interest me more was that you can add any color of bulbs inside a small pot. According to feng shui bulb plants are symbols of wealth and abundance.

in this small pot I have dwarf mums, and other green foliage 

 petunia variety with small pink and white bells

maroon dwarf mums, moises (the lilac one), and some foliage I forgot their names

Some of my garden pots were already bought by some friends at Php 150 each for good luck!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Garden of Abundance

I've been dreaming about having my own garden way back. I used to be my mom's water girl at her own garden in Davao since grade school years. I was her own intern, I should say. Maybe that's the reason why I loved the presence of water. I loved it when I touch the soil. It seems like it absorbs all my stress during the day. 

Never stop dreaming, for you don't know what the universe could give you. Who could have known that after 5 years here in Manila I would have my own townhouse and my own garden. Just moved at my townhouse last year and everyday wonderful things happened every time I water my plants. 

This blog will be a window to my garden I called Garden of Abundance. May every visitor be blessed.

"What you are is the result of what you have thought."

Welcome to My Garden of Abundance!